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Senin, 29 November 2010

Old School Cool...

A really good friend of mine had me tattoo this wicked badass traditional reaper on his forearm. I love this tattoo, and the more I look at it, it becomes one of my favorite tattoos I've ever done. Thanks for getting this buddy, I think I might like it more than you!

Minggu, 28 November 2010

St. Michael Tattoo...

Mike, who's a really nice kid, came in for his second tattoo by me. He recently joined the Army, and his first tattoo was a skull wearing a beret with crossed M4s. He was being shipped off to war in a few days, and decided to get St. Michael, the Angel of Protection, inked on his forearm. He was very happy with the finished piece as was I. By the time of this post, he would of been sent to the war all ready. So, God be with you, good luck, and keep your head down bro!

"Live, Laugh, Love" Tattoo...

This girl came in for a variation of a popular tattoo on her side. She wanted her favorite flowers to be mixed in with her favorite quote, and she wanted it BIG! I had all ready done one small tattoo on her, so this was a huge step up in size and pain factor! She sat great, and the final product reflects what happens when you combine a good idea, with talent, and someone who is willing to endure a good bit of pain for something they really desire.
And this woman wanted to reproduce an image from a Christmas greeting card she was fond of. Its of a hound hunting a stuffed animal, and is one of the more un-ordinary tattoos that I've done in a while!

Fighter Tattoos...

I recently had some fellas come in the shop who like to fight. The kid above is a mixed martial arts fighter, and wanted the seven deadly sins tattooed down his back. We did it in one sitting, which is a testament to his pain tolerance, because the only other tattoo he had was a relatively small one on his arm. It's always fun getting the opportunity to tattoo someone who has a really interesting job or hobby, and I enjoyed hearing fight stories for most of the session. He was a really, really nice kid too!
My man pictured above is training to be a boxer, and came in for his second tattoo from me. The first was a tribute to the city of Philadelphia. Also a really great guy, and I always enjoy talking to him. If I were to become a boxer, I'd want to do it in Philly too...home of Rocky, right?!

Rabu, 10 November 2010

Sticker Art...

I LOVE stickers. As far back as I can remember, I've always collected them. And when I was old enough, I started creating my own. I have hand drawn them, screen printed them, stamped them, relief printed them, stenciled them, and hand drawn them. I almost always have a stack in my pocket ready to put up. I've never taken photos of my stickers I had stuck up, but over the years I have found some pics posted on flickr and google image search of my stickers, and I saved those. Besides, I think it looks more interesting when the sticker is worn and weathered. I guess somebody liked them enough to photograph them.
The sticker in the photo above was created by taking a picture of myself in my bathroom mirror, then carving that image into a block and rolling ink over it to make a relief print. I did a few designs with this method. One featured a pic of my at-the-time girlfriends face, one was of a skull, and another was of Agent Smith from the Matrix. All bore the signature of my "MA" logo which stands for Matt Atomik.
These yellow stickers above were part of a sticker art show some years back. Standard old school graffiti character. I did a few more in this style, but don't have any photos of them
The brown and black stickers that have the bobcat image on them and read ARMY were created by me. I don't even remember the why I chose that image or the meaning behind it, but I remember we put up A LOT of those.
The sticker in the top left corner was mine also. A good friend and I made some "Dave Thomas Has a Posse" stickers after Dave, (the founder of Wendy's Hamburgers) had passed away.

Another old school graffiti character image. His name belt reads Atomik
This sticker with a skull wearing a sombrero was part of a set that all incorporated skulls wearing different hats. There was also a pirate skull, a nazi skull, and a shriner skull.
The stickers pictured above and below were created with spray paint and a hand cut stencil. This image is of a dead Laura Palmer from "Twin Peaks"

More ARMY stickers, and below is a stencil.
I've got hundreds of stickers stockpiled that I never stuck up, so if there is anyone who is interested in trading me some stickers for their stickers or art, leave a message and I will hook you up.

First Tattoo...

This young girl came in the shop to get her first tattoo. She wanted something to honor her grandfather and likes praying hands so we came up with this design.
I always say that three things that make a good first tattoo are religious images, family themes designs, and (if your a guy) pinup girl designs. The girl above got two out of three...no bad!