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Kamis, 30 September 2010

Tatty Work...

You can never go wrong with skulls.........always cool, always wicked.
This young buck came in to get some racing flags to represent his passion for automobiles and speed! .............Badass!

Rabu, 29 September 2010

DEEP ROOTS FESTIVAL MILLEDGEVILLE GEORGIA Deep Roots Fall BBQ Festival Downtown Milledgeville Georgia Baldwin County GA.

DEEP ROOTS FESTIVAL Milledgeville Georgia, 
Deep Roots Fall BBQ Festival Downtown Milledgeville Georgia
 DEEP ROOTS FESTIVAL Milledgeville Georgia 2010 Owl,
Deep Roots Fall BBQ Festival Downtown Milledgeville Georgia

Saturday  OCTOBER 23rd 2010


BBQ Bar-B-Que Cook Off Contest

Deep Roots Festival Downtown Milledgeville GA.

Minggu, 19 September 2010

"CLOSED" SYLVIA'S GRILLE RESTAURANT MILLEDGEVILLE GEORGIA Sylvia's Grille Restaurant Mediterranean inspired menu Lunch Dinner Milledgeville GA.

Milledgeville Georgia Sylvia's Grille Restaurant Mediterranean inspired menu


2600 N Columbia St # D6
Milledgeville, GA 31061-5760

Sylvia's Restaurant Phone Number  

Sylvia's Signature Bread Bowl Salads
Pasta Specialties
Unique pasta dishes crafted in our kitchen
House Special Entrees
Top quality steaks, seafood, chicken, and pork


Monday - Thursday

11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m

Friday and Saturday

11:00 a.m to 10:00 p.m.

Kamis, 16 September 2010

New Watercolor Mini Paintings...

1:20...Time to Die!
Fuck The World, Fear The Women, Feel The Wetness, Forgot To Wipe...

Some New Tatty Work...

My friend Mike and his wife Staci came in to get some new ink. She got the panther on her back, and he got the bulldog wearing the steelworkers helmet in tribute to his Pittsburgh roots

This guy wanted some lilly flowers with his daughters name involved so I colored the script to match the stem and he loved it!

Hot Rod Hoedown 2010...

I checked out Philly's Hot Rod Hoedown to peep some pinstriping, lettering, and wacked out customs. Daddy O's, Kitty Kats, Greasers, and all sorts of Rockabilly were everywhere.
...this guy had about 200 of these custom painted bowling pins for sale
These bikes were badass!
This rod was wicked! It was all army OD green and had sooo many badass custom touches to it! That spider web metal work and skull headlamps are too tough!
...it even had bombs attached underneath! The paintwork was pretty good also.
I dig this lettering. The font captures the spirit of 'hillbilly' perfectly
The big orange scallops on this ride looked dope. Simple, yet effective
Tiki pinstriping on the front of this car looked good with the hood ornament

My friend Alan Johnson striped this car, and I recognized his style almost immediately!
The rabbit striping design on this trunk was badass! Reminded me of Dutch's "Harvey Shaken by Crossbreeding" design from way back
I did the silver leaf 'Bone Shaker' lettering for my friend a few months ago.
This car is without question the meanest looking ride I have ever seen! It looked like something the Nazis would of built if they were hot rodders. It was chopped so much that there's only about six inches of windshield to look out of. The photo wasn't taken from a drastic angle, the car really looked just like this! This beast is no joke! Fucking wicked!
Some nice ghosted in spider webs on this metalflake paint job
Nice VW
My good friend, co-worker, and master machine builder, Kevin Riley delivered a new set of machines for me! They were constructed according to my specific style and methods of tattooing. I only use disposable tubes and grips, so to correct the lack of weight and balance left by the absence of metal tubes, he created the machines lighter than most and balanced perfectly. He always includes cool or subtle touches and amazing craftsmanship in his machines and these two are no different. You've got to love the Krylon spraycan and 1Shot paint coil wraps! What else could embody my passion for tattooing, graffiti, and pinstriping like these two machines?! Thanks again Kevin for hooking me up!

Rabu, 01 September 2010

house of ink...

While trying to figure out my new camera, I took some photos of the tattoo shop. I really like this shop, and it has some unique and interesting qualities...
...this religious shrine above the spiral staircase...

"thou shalt not whine" ...I think this sign needs to be much bigger!
...some lettering and decorative paintwork I did on the spiral staircase...

...wall of random shit posted in the drawing room...
...the venetian blinds of names...
...sign I painted by the cooler...
...some lettering on a cabinet...

my first watercolor attempt...

I've never used watercolors, and never really had any interest to, but yesterday while at the tattoo shop, I started messing around. I did all the lining with a brush also. I liked the vibrant colors a lot!

my custom made tattoo machines...

My friend and co-worker, Kevin Riley, made me a set of badass custom tattoo machines. He adjusted the weight balance to compensate for my lightweight disposable tubes I use. They're my favorite machines I've used to date and cant wait for my second set he's building me to arrive! I really appreciate the small details such as the 'MA' stamped into the frame (Matt Atomik), and the use of a Jamaican coin as the tube key. I love them.
...and here's some recent work done with those machines...

...tiny real fire skull done as filler on a guys arm. My pinky finger is in the shot to show size comparison.
'JB' the third came in to make it official on his arm. Blockbuster style!

mean green striping machine...

I striped this pickup for a friend. I decided to use green to match the interior color. I laid it out all over the interior also. I always like finding stripes on the inside where they're usually hidden unless you know they are there.