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Rabu, 30 Juni 2010

New RAD Website

For all our fans, you deserve to know what's going on behind the scenes. So here's a sneak peek of our new website.

Selasa, 29 Juni 2010


Hey dudes, if you see the RAD team anywhere... ask to be on RADtv... and we'll put you on our next blog! foreal...

Jumat, 25 Juni 2010

Ryan Sheckler's House Graffiti...Redux...

I just found this photo on the web of pro skater Sheckler in front of some of the graffiti murals I painted in his house. I did that job about two years ago, and it's still one of the more memorable projects I've ever done. That was a wild time with a few fucking crazy events that I will NEVER forget! The entire trip was far from routine, even before I began the artwork. I caught a flat on the way to CA from AZ somewhere near Yuma with no spare tire, not much money, and no cell phone reception. I've never been so shit outta luck in such a desolate place as the middle of the desert. Luckily I found a guy who knew a mechanic that would get me a new tire and put it on for me. I showed up in San Clemente four hours late, covered in sand, sweat, and grease, just in time to meet Sheckler's mother and a friend for dinner at a pretty nice restaurant! Honestly, I could write a decent sized book about all the shit that went down during that trip. It was a good time, mainly because it was full of risk, adventure, new places, and new experiences. ....and lots of graffiti!

Lets EAT

it was fun meeting Poreotics. They're hella funny on AND off the stage.


Kamis, 24 Juni 2010

RAD boof

Freaking Bruce cracks me up in this video... Watch what he does when this girl wants a button.

Rabu, 23 Juni 2010


The graphics in this video are dope... and so is the message :)

TakePart: Participant Media - Waiting For 'Superman' - Infographic from Jr.canest on Vimeo.


you have to watch this whole video... there's really random parts

MILLEDGEVILLE GEORGIA PAROLE OFFICE Georgia State Board Of Pardons & Paroles Milledgeville Parole Office

Georgia State Board Of Pardons & Paroles

Milledgeville Parole Office
2271 Vinson Hwy, Arnall Bldg
Milledgeville, GA 31034
Parole Office Phone Number 478-445-4431

Georgia Counties served: Baldwin, Hancock, Jones, Wilkinson 

Minggu, 20 Juni 2010


lets listen to good music.. maybe even listen to these tracks during the PARADE! GO LAKERS!!!

Kamis, 17 Juni 2010


new complex cover is dope. she's back after being MIA!

of course M.I.A. is gonna come correct with beats. YOU KNOW THAT!

Rabu, 16 Juni 2010


This was one of the illest battles ever. First time I heard it, they only had audio.

Selasa, 15 Juni 2010


What if you dream about this tonight? this sorta reminds me of the grudge.. idk


Wu-Tang pizza ain't nothin to F*ck with!

(found this via mikey manifest's twitter)

Senin, 14 Juni 2010

Where the Wild Things Are...

I recently spray painted this mural for one of my closest friends. His wife wanted a "Where the Wild Things Are" character painted in their kids room. Hope it doesn't scare the shit out of the kid!


Can you imagine doing this forreal? Thad be pimp...

Jumat, 11 Juni 2010


New drizzy Aleesh


They put the star in starbucks! Be sure to get your neighborhood starbucks participating... Laker shirts are on sale NOW shop.radisrad.com

Kamis, 10 Juni 2010

Rabu, 09 Juni 2010

TV FOX 24, ABC 16 Macon Georgia Television reporters Tyler Southard and Michelle Quesada

TV FOX 24, ABC 16 Macon Georgia Honeybee reporters Tyler Southard and Michelle Quesada
Honey bees Beekeeping news segment on Milledgeville Georgia Beekeeper John Pluta

Tyler Southard is a Meteorologist / Science/Environmental Reporter

Michelle Quesada is an Anchor / Reporter / Camerawoman


You gotta check out my personal site. I started an ETSY account. This site allows you to sell anything and everything artsy. click here: www.radisrad.etsy.com ... Here's a couple of the pieces that are up for sale. You'll definitely find something that you like.

Selasa, 08 Juni 2010


It's showtime today baby!

sneak peek on a lil somethin somethin ;)

Senin, 07 Juni 2010

Daisy Dukes

This weather is kickin in... hope yall have a hot summer in Cali... and keep tabs on a RAD BBQ comin up!

Sabtu, 05 Juni 2010

GCSU Georgia College State University, Milledgeville Georgia, West Campus Athletic Facilities (Softball, Baseball, Cross Country and Soccer)

 GCSU Georgia College State University, Milledgeville Georgia
West Campus Athletic Facilities (Softball, Baseball, Cross Country and Soccer)

For GPS address , around 120 West Campus Drive, Milledgeville, GA 31061;
For soccer, access road is at the intersection of West Campus Drive and Blandy Hill Road, Milledgeville, GA 31061

Jumat, 04 Juni 2010

PJ's STEAK HOUSE "CLOSED" NOW LOS MAGUEYES Mexican Restaurant RESTAURANT MILLEDGEVILLE GEORGIA, PJs Steak House Restaurant North Baldwin County GA. Lake Sinclair

PJ's STEAK HOUSE Restaurant  Milledgeville Georgia, PJs Steak House 

 PJ's STEAK HOUSE RESTAURANT Milledgeville Georgia
3052 N Columbia St, 
Milledgeville, GA 31061-8793

PJ's Steak House Milledgeville Phone Number

Kamis, 03 Juni 2010

4 ur Sol

You are all in for a treat tonight. My main man SB is teaming up with Urban Germany. Why is his name Urban Germany? Cuz he's from Germany!!! He flew down here for YOU. So if you're in the San Diego area, come out and play.

Rabu, 02 Juni 2010

Quest Coast

Found this pic of Victor Kim from Quest Crew doing God knows what... He makes it look soo easy too.

Terror of Tower

I just got my Disneyland pass... who wants to go?


These covers are soo good. It reminds me of that one commercial...