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Selasa, 30 September 2008

Senin, 29 September 2008


RAD has been really grateful to have met FANNY PAK. They are talented and fun young bunch. With all the excitement of Fanny Pak going on tour, they decided that RAD be in charge of designing their merchandise. yayyyy!

Just visit shop.fannypak.com to grab your hands on Fanny Pak tees. If you buy one now, you might be able to get your hands on the limited edition tee.

Gooooo Fannnyy Paaak! who doesn't love fanny Pak???

The MTV shirt was made specifically for the show. This shirt comes in a limited edition style which is autographed by ALL the FP members.

The Zebra Bolt is an electrifiable source for fashion. (womens style photographed)

We have an FP shirt waiting for you. I know you got a friend that loves Fanny Pak. Tell em about shop.fannypak.com

peace and love,


they broke 100,000 views!

peace and love,


on our grind in it's a grind.

some of the SD team.

scott and randeezy

thank you ladies.

ohhhh helllls NO!

It's a Grind hustlin those macchiatos

Cop that Fanny Pak. made by RAD.


this guy was dope on the guitar


lets have a j party

4 sho

my baby boo

holdin the fort down



come join the crowd next time. have a laugh. right?

peace and love,

Minggu, 28 September 2008

Demitri Martin

If you don't laugh during this video. You're a robot with NO feelings!

Demitri Martin is RAD!

peace and love,


It's that time again. Where hundreds of people mob the glasshouse in pomona to get some of their favorite brands at RIDICULOUS prices! We're talkin 5 dollar obey shirts! 1 dollar kid robot toys! and on top of that, you can barter with some people and get crazy discounts.

Here's a line of these bargain hunters.

wake up Marcus!

of course, our dedicated RAD supporters.

the homie from Rockett clothing.

on some random pole, a LODED sticker.

no homo

RAD first season, "pink eye"

old man chooses wisely

the RAD crew

peace and love,

Senin, 22 September 2008

soooo dooope

From what I understand... Gabe Bondoc started off as a cover artist that would do several random music shows. His voice led him to actually writing his own music and doing bigger and bigger shows. I loved his unique style of covering songs... So I guess I'm glad he did a couple more recent covers. Check em out...


this is one of his own original pieces. siiiick

peace and love,

p.s. if you had an older sister... like me... you for SURE listened to slow jams... I mean slow jamz

Senin, 15 September 2008


who: UNIV
what: Boutique
where: Oceanside

Recently... Bruce and I made a trip on down to San Diego. Coming from LA, we always stop by this spot in Oceanside called UNIV. Once you get onto UNIV's street, there is sudden urge to move next to the beach. The Bike shops, vintage stores, and local food spots make a trip to UNIV an inspiration experience. So I guess the inspiration paid off, cuz we now sell RAD at UNIV BITCH!!!

RAD and big boss man Mirko

ME lookin like a goof

Bruce got boogers

The alphanumeric designers, Danny and Mark

Everytime we go to UNIV, Allans eating In-n-out, haha

Nash is the freshest, youngest, hustler ever

I miss SD ALREADY!!!

peace and love,

Minggu, 07 September 2008

Jumat, 05 September 2008

I've met my match

If you know the RAD history... you'll know that I used to draw on slip-ons. I thought I was the best at it too. Maybe I was? This was a couple years ago. Just Recently I stumbled across this guy NDEUR's myspace. Homie is one talented mofo! He's definitely got a treat for all u sexy ladies out there.

His website is www.ndeurshoes.etsy.com

peace and love,

Kamis, 04 September 2008


We put our FALL line on shop.radisrad.com

You can pre-order shirts.

All shirts ship on sept. 15th

sorry for the delay folks.

I know it'll be worth the wait.

peace and love,

Selasa, 02 September 2008


Our FALL is quite the treat. We've got some HYPE MONSTERS! We've got some stuff to match ur dunks, ur chucks, and ur new eras. If this is anything like our previous seasons... we keep selling out of certain styles. This is just a preview, the line will be released by mid sept.

All photos are by JCV

"STRESSED OUT" (front)
School just started. A tribe called quest said it best, "I really know how it feels to be STRESSED OUT." The front of this shirt is similar to a shirt you'd get for free on a college campus. The back of the shirt is the world famous "thinker." You might recognize the pattern from tribes album covers.


Of course we had to come out with something sexy for yall. YES... that's a patch. kind of like those lacoste alligators. But this time it's a HYPE MONSTER!!! This V neck comes in XS,S,M,and L. It is a unisex American Apparel v-neck.

It is recommended by ALL dentists to FLOSS DAILY. It is also recommended by RAD to FLOSS DAILY. get it get it...

Here's ur chance... we're releasing the beast from it's cage. colorways:pink/aqua

If Miles Davis played for a basketball team, he'd probably play for the Jazz. But not the Utah Jazz... He'd play for the old school New Orleans Jazz! Yes... that's where the original Jazz came from. Miles Davis is an amazing trumpet player and quite the chain smoker. Notice the plug ins within the shirt. Kind of reminds you of the old school Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan shirts huh?

From far away this looks like RAD RAD RAD. But if you take a couple steps closer you'll notice all kinds of robots and creatures that shape out RAD. I wish I could say there was a meaning for this one... all I could say is it's RAD.

"Ringer Monster"
If ride a bike... this might be for you. We put our monster patches on this white/black ringer tee. This shirt actually stands for freedom and peace, and saving all the whales off the coast of costa rica and new zealand.

All photos by JCV

On behalf of these shirts... hope to see u soon!

peace and love,